HVAC 1.0

Source:FPC Ltd.

The ultimate HVAC reference for all HVAC professionals and engineers. This app includes 100s of equations and tables for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and noise.

Includes both imperial and metric units for all data tables.

A summary of the contents (more is included in the app).

- Air Conditioning tables and equations for:
Air Conditioners
Ammonia - NH3 - Properties
Cooling Loads
Chilled-Water System
Cooling and Heating Equations
Freon Properties
Fruits and Vegetables Optimal Storage Conditions
Heat Gain
Air Humidity
Rectangular and Circular HVAC Ducts
Refrigerant R22 - Properties
Refrigerants - Environmental Properties
Sensible Heat Ratio
Thermodynamic Properties of Refrigerant - R22
Water Evaporator and Condenser Equations

- Heating tables and equations for:
Air Heating Systems
Building Elements
Expansion Tanks
Chimneys and Fireplace Sizing
Classifications of Coal, Gas Oil, Boilers and Hot Water Heating Systems
Dowtherm A
Flow Rates in Heating Systems
Flow Temperatures in Hot-Water Heating Systems
Food and Foodstuff
Greenhouse Temperatures
Heat Carrying Capacity of Copper Tube
Heat Emission
Heat Loss
Heat Sources
Hot Water Heating Systems
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients
Safety Valves
Sizing Swimming Pool Heaters
Snow Melting Systems
Static Pressures in HVAC Systems
Thermal Expansion
Units of Heat - BTU, Calorie and Joule

- Ventilation tables and equations for:
Friction Loss
Heat Recovery
Heaters and Coolers
Hydraulic Diameter
Major and Minor Losses
Scrubber Basics
Duct Sizing

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